Hood Biggest Loser

Nov 28

Still Waiting….

We have yet to get all the info for those participating in the challenge that is why we have not posted their blogs yet. Hopefully we will have all of that info soon and we can get the participants to share their stories with you.

Keep checking back with us for updates.

Nov 17


We have about 7 people who are participating in the challenge. We hope more will join in along the way, even if it’s to just have support in your mission to lose weight.

Email us if you want to get involved in anyway.


Thank You

Nov 15

…And So It Begins

Today marks the first day of the weight loss challenge. Who will lose it all and become victorious?

Nov 10

Weight Loss Tips for Women


Learn to lose weight in the editorial posted on positivestrongeryou.com


Nov 05

Instructions to Enter the Challenge

First we would like to congratulate you on making a a conscious decision to change your life by becoming a healthier person. This is the one challenge where we can ALL be winners! We are currently working on the how much the money pot will be and the entering fee. This is what you will need to start (besides the fee):

Photo (current in gym clothes)

Measurements (waist (start & finish @ belly button), neck & chest)

Weight (with a pic of the scale with weight on it)

Blog (stating your name, age and what city you represent & a little background on why you wanted to enter the challenge)

You can email all these things to hoodbiggestloser@gmail.com

We will be doing monthly weigh-ins and measurements which will be blogged as well. In addition to that, anytime you want to share your success, get motivation or want to just vent you can email us your blog, pics & or videos and we will post them for the rest of the challengers to see and comment on.

Even though this is very much a competition, the goal is for ALL of us to get healthy and in better shape.

Follow us on twitter @hoodbiggestlose

Good Luck!

“The weight won’t lose its self - Chaundon”